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For experienced riders and groups

Riding training

This course offers training for advance riders supervised by experienced instructors. You will use the in-door sand riding hall and jumping training equipment under the supervision of experienced trainers. You may also take advantage of “Training” package card offering ten one-hour lessons. The card is transferable so anyone of your family or friends can use it.




Two-day retreat for advanced riders

This course includes accommodation for two nights at the Castle suites, five hours of training, half-board and access to facilities of our riding hall. This intensive training will improve your theoretical and practical knowledge. The program includes one hour of training in the riding arena and four hours of trips to the neighboring surroundings. The level of training will be adjusted according to the experience of participants. The minimum number of participants is two, maximum eight persons.




Guided trail rides

External trips to Sumava meadows and forests will allow you to practice what you have learned and to enjoy the beautiful nature and surrounding. You can also take advantage of the “Riding” package card, which entitles you to ten one-hour trips. The card is transferable so it can be used also by your family members or friends.




One-day trip to St. Mary Magdalene

Pleasant horse ride to the very top of the St. Mary Magdalene Hill, which features the natural Via Crucis ends and a newly reconstructed look-out tower offering beautiful views. You can rest here and enjoy the refreshments. The 20-km tour takes about six hours, including horses’ preparation and stops. The set-off time is negotiable, however, it should not take place later than 11 o’clock. New impressions can be later discussed at a bonfire, where you can grill sausages, enjoy drinks and talk about beautiful day.




Romantic night at the Helfenburk

Castle Very popular two-day trip to the Helfenburk Castle located about 20 km away. You will spend a romantic night in a tent at the Castle courtyard. For most of us, it will be the first night at an old castle, so you can let your fantasy run free and try to image, what was the local life like 300 years ago. There is a small but cozy pub, where you can ask the Castle administrator for a cup of traditional mead or grill a sausage over the fire. More on the Helfenburk Castle




Sumava Trail” multi-day trip

This offer targets more exigent clients. The trail runs through beautiful parts of the Sumava landscape. High-standard accommodation is arranged at the Skalice Castle suites, at the Old Boar Guest House and at the Hoslovice Farm, followed by the stylish Racanek Rychta nearby the Kasperk Castle and finally at the Eliza Court Moutain Hotel. The exact route depends on the agreement and on the skills of the participating riders as well as on local accommodation capacities. The average distance covered daily is 20-30 km. Horses, helmets, guides and an accompanying vehicle will be made available. Lunch-stops will be made at well-established rest spots, evening menu will be chosen individually at the relevant accommodation houses.