Zámek Skalice

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Castle Skalice

Skalice Castle is located at the western part of the town. It has been erected in mid 16th century by members of the Malovec family and at the time it served as a stronghold. Over the next century it was owned by several aristocratic families. From mid 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century, it belonged to the Lumbe family, who constructed the classicist north wing. In 1923, the Castle was bought by Ferdinand Holoubek, a Prague businessman who owned the candle and soap producing Saponia Company. He lived in Skalice with his family until 1950. In the following period, the Castle was administered by the State Agriculture Cooperative in Vimperk. In 1996, the property was returned back to the descendants of the Holoubek family.


Bohumilice town

Bohumilice is one of the oldest settlements within the Vimperk region. It is first mentioned in 10th century as a settlement belonging to the Prague Castle canonry. A church was erected here around 1240; today, the remains of original walls and portals can still be seen in the northern part of the church. The church was first consecrated to St. Martin, after that to the Holy Trinity and St. Barbara. Town annals speak also about meteors found within the municipality area. The first one was found in 1829 and weighted 50kg. It served first as a foot-stone at the Bohumilice Castle gates and later it was transported to museum expositions in Prague, Vienna, Berlin and Chicago. Famous personalities originating from the municipality include the Czech writer Karel Klosterman (who wrote here his novel “Uncle from Heaven”) as well as the painter Stanislav Lolek who used to live at the Castle.